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WhatsApp based Dunning for RazorPay

To improve cashflow and reduce customer churn
  • Prevent churn due to failed payments
  • Recover lost customers
  • Works with RazorPay and Stripe
  • No coding required

Why dunning via WhatsApp?

Better reach than email
  • In a recent press confernece, WhatsApp has revealed that they have a daily active user base of 1.1 Billion. Asia is the fastest growning market with close to 400 Million users in India out of 450 Million internet subscribers in July 2019.

  • A number of the internet users in India access internet services exclusively via the mobile phone and do not have an email address. WhatsApp and SMS have proven to be the best way to reach these customers.

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per month
  • Upto 250 customers
  • Message templates
  • Message delivery reports

Small Business


per month
  • Upto 1000 customers
  • Custom message templates
  • Message delivery reports


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  • 1000+ Customers
  • Custom message templates
  • Message delivery reports
  • API access